Los Angeles streetcar map

Los Angeles trolley map. Los Angeles streetcar map (California - USA) to print. Los Angeles streetcar map (California - USA) to download. For the past 15 years, downtown Los Angeles has led the way in helping Angelenos to reimagine their built environment. Together, we are building a city that is more connected, active, fun, and sustainable than ever before. The streetcar in Los Angeles map is the next step along that path – and we are ready to build it today. A 3.8-mile urban circulator, Los Angeles streetcar will serve as a crucial, quick, and comfortable connector Downtown.

Los Angeles trolley map

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The streetcar in Los Angeles map is supported by a broad coalition including residents, property owners, elected officials, labor unions, businesses organizations, environmental groups, and more. The Los Angeles streetcar will tie together downtown neighborhoods, destinations, and regional transit options. The approximately four-mile line will run frequently, with a train always just around the corner and ready to connect riders to South Park, the Financial District and Historic Core, Grand Park and the Civic Center, the Fashion District, the Convention Center and Los Angeles Live, and much more.