LA river bike path map

Los Angeles river bike path map. LA river bike path map (California - USA) to print. LA river bike path map (California - USA) to download. The LA river bike Path Project is a new bicycle and pedestrian path along an approximately eight-mile stretch of the LA River bike path map (River) from Elysian Valley through Downtown Los Angeles to the City of Maywood. This project will close the longest remaining continuous gap in the LA River Path and create a path that will serve the existing communities there today, as well as look forward to and serve future needs.

Los Angeles river bike path map

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It is hot. The LA sun beats down relentlessly as, beneath you, iconic scenes from Drive and Terminator 2 play out on a gully of barren, sun-bleached concrete. 18 miles to go, you tell yourself; just 18 more miles to the waveless waters of Long Beach. Dramatics aside, this is a pretty apt description of the LA river bike path longest contiguous bikeway. Extending from the rail yards of Vernon to the lighthouse on Shoreline Aquatic Park map, it is one of a sparse few means of delivering downtown cyclists to the Pacific Coast, and the only one that can do so sans street traffic. For this reason alone it is well worth saddling up to pedal the nearly 20-mileLA river bike path.