Los Angeles topographic map

LA topographic map. Los Angeles topographic map (California - USA) to print. Los Angeles topographic map (California - USA) to download. The huge, sprawling, and tortuously shaped city of Los Angeles topographic map occupies a sizable portion of the southern part of the county. The topographic map of Los Angeles has a varied topography, climbing from sea level at the beach community of Venice to Mount Lukens, which rises above 5,100 feet (1,550 metres). The city sprawls across a broad coastal plain situated between mountains and the Pacific Ocean; the much larger Los Angeles county, which encompasses the city, contains some 90 other incorporated cities, including Beverly Hills, Pasadena, and Long Beach.
Los Angeles county is a vast and varied geographic entity. Los Angeles topographic map includes a group of inland valleys, a coastal plain separated by low mountains that are interspersed with steep passes, an arc of still higher mountains, and a long seacoast. Nearly half of the topographic Los Angeles is taken up by mountain chains—most of them running east-west—that have a dynamic history of earthquakes, firestorms, and mud slides.
Los Angeles topographic map sits within the Transverse Ranges—mountains that stretch across Santa Barbara at their northern point and San Diego County in the south. Most of California mountains run north to south, congruent with the coastline, but these ranges run east to west with a lush pocket of land nestled in between in Los Angeles topographic map. The chaparral region of Los Angeles that spans within the mountain ranges is marked with woodland, shrubbery, Mediterranean forests, rolling hills and miles of tillable farmland.