Los Angeles map 1940

Map of Los Angeles map 1940. Los Angeles map 1940 (California - USA) to print. Los Angeles map 1940 (California - USA) to download. Los Angeles 1940, the Arroyo Seco Parkway opens just between Downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena map, in 1940 Los Angeles becoming the nation first controlled limited-access expressway (you may know it as a freeway). Today, the L.A. region has 27 interconnected highways, and the East Los Angeles Interchange is the busiest in the world. WWII - Shipbuilding becomes the main business of the Port of Los Angeles, employing some 90,000 workers. One third of the United States warplanes are manufactured in Los Angeles.

Map of Los Angeles map 1940

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Los Angeles in 1940 by the Forties was a sleepy movie town, still a stepsister to San Francisco and scorned by New York, and not quite aware of what Hollywood really did. It took fresh eyes to see that Los Angeles map was the “Capital of the Culture Industry,” a designation given by émigrés from Europe. Los Angeles in 1940 was always a city of immigrants, and during the Second World War that flow of newcomers included what Davis has termed the “mental labor” of European intellectuals who were fleeing Hitler Germany.