Lacmta system map

Lacmta map. Lacmta system map (California - USA) to print. Lacmta system map (California - USA) to download. The lacmta system (lacmta system map) was created by AB152 (Katz), the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Reform act (lacmta system) of 1992. Signed into law by Governor Pete Wilson on May 19, 1992, the merger of the Southern California Rapid Transit District (1964-1993) and the Los Angeles County transportation Commission (1976-1993) became effective on February 1, 1993 with both prior agencies being dissolved effective April 1,1993.
Lacmta system employs approximately 10,000 people living in Los Angeles map full time and part time in a broad range of technical specialties and services ranging from Metro Bus and Metro Rail operators and mechanics of lacmta system to construction engineers and safety inspectors, from transportation planning professionals to customer information agents.
The lacmta system is to coordinate the operation of all public transportation services within the county to ensure efficient operation, and shall resolve all jurisdictional disputes between public transit operators. Lacmta system goal is to ensure that regional operators, municipal operators and local transportation zones do not compete or unnecessarily duplicate services while assisting each other to provide the maximum level of service to the general public in lacmta system map at the lowest possible cost.