LA usa map

LA on usa map. LA usa map (California - USA) to print. LA usa map (California - USA) to download. LA in usa map, is also known as the "City of Angels" or "LA", is in the California State in usa. The city has many museums, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, universities etc. that makes Los Angeles second to none. Also it is the third richest city and fifth most powerful city in the World. The second-most populated city in America behind New York City is second to none. What happens in Las Vegas might stay there but everything that originates in LA spreads like wildfire. It is aptly nicknamed 'Creative Capital of the World' and is the epicenter of the nation entertainment industry as it produces the culture that spreads throughout America and eventually, the world. It is the face of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and the voice of N.W.A. in Straight Outta Compton.
Located on the Pacific coast of the usa in the San Fernando Valley in California, LA in usa map is a huge, cosmopolitan, captivating American city. LA gigantic territory, its dream beaches, its unbridled urbanism, its social disparities, its cultural richness, its economic expansion, its ideal climate, Los Angeles is a contrasted megalopolis that challenges, inspires and fascinates. A true embodiment of the American dream, the incredible power of attraction of the "City of Angels" is unfailing. Still benefiting from the glamour and success of Hollywood cinema throughout the world, LA is a dynamic city, resolutely turned towards the future.
With its 4 million inhabitants, LA in usa map is the 2nd most populated city in the usa. Including its metropolitan area, "the Greater LA" or "Los Angeles County", the population climbs to 14 million. The city is huge and has a very curious urbanism. It was built without planning over several hundred square kilometers, leaving little room for greenery and without a real downtown area. LA has 88 very heterogeneous neighbourhoods, many of which have a name related to the origin of their inhabitants (Little Armenia, Thai Town, Historic Filipinotown, Little Ethiopia, Little Persia).