Skid row Los Angeles map

Map of skid row Los Angeles. Skid row Los Angeles map (California - USA) to print. Skid row Los Angeles map (California - USA) to download. Skid row Los Angeles is the refuge for those who cant fall any lower in the United States. And despite a litany of aid programs, nothing is changing in this stricken Los Angeles neighborhood map. The vast majority of them are alcoholics, drug addicts, physically or mentally handicapped. In Skid Row, people don't have running water, no toilets and they don't even have rubbish bins," says General Dogon, a member of the Los Angeles Community Action Network, himself a former homeless man.

Map of skid row Los Angeles

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Skid row Los Angeles, "the neighbourhood of those who skid" in the literal sense, is also the place where all those who are left behind, those who are out of line, those who the authorities no longer want to deal with, fail. A few years ago, skid row Los Angeles was outraged by the case of a demented old woman wandering around the Los Angeles neighbourhood map in a hospital gown and a paraplegic abandoned in his excrement on a pavement.
For some tramps, Skid row Los Angeles has its advantages over other areas of Los Angeles map where there is no infrastructure for them. "We eat every day," says positive Eunice Carr, who has lived here for 15 years with his wife. Here, they can also benefit from rehabilitation programmes in Skid row Los Angeles and aid, mainly private and funded by charities. Above all, they all hope for real housing.