North Los Angeles map

Ma of north Los Angeles . North Los Angeles map (California - USA) to print. North Los Angeles map (California - USA) to download. North Hollywood art district (NoHo) is only 10 minutes from Hollywood Boulevard in north Los Angeles map. A trendy enclave where cinema gives way to theatre. Separated from Tinseltown by a mountain range, the eastern end of Griffith Park of Los Angeles, North Hollywood is characterized by a much more down-to-earth atmosphere than its neighbor. The heart of the neighborhood is no more than 2.6 square kilometers, where you will find more than 20 professional theaters offering unforgettable performances of off-Broadway Los Angeles plays.

Ma of north Los Angeles

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Hollywood Hills located in north Los Angeles map was not always a tamed refuge for the well-heeled. The rugged canyons and steep hills of the eastern Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles, where the range briefly soars 1,800 feet to the top of Cahuenga Peak before expending itself and petering out in the rolling hills of Elysian Park, once teemed with wildlife and raged with unchecked wildfires. People have lived in the hills in north Los Angeles for thousands of years, first the Tongva people, then the Spanish, and finally the pioneers of early Hollywood.