LA district map

Los Angeles districts map. LA district map (California - USA) to print. LA district map (California - USA) to download. Brentwood is located right next to Westwood in LA district map, it is the residential district of the Westside. Quite popular with celebrities, it is a very quiet LA area with a real neighbourhood life. You can do everything on foot and it is full of small cafes and yoga rooms. Brentwood is a chic and peaceful neighbourhood in the Westside of LA. Its tree-lined streets stretch up to the hills and are lined with neat houses of various architectural styles. The main street, San Vincente Boulevard, is lined with elegant Italian restaurants, cosy cafes and the Brentwood County Mart, a historic family-friendly shopping mall.

Los Angeles districts map

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Bel-Air is a chic residential district in LA district map, it is located in the green foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. The two imposing entrances to the neighborhood, near Sunset Boulevard of LA, lead to winding streets with sumptuous mansions set on large estates with lush vegetation. Bel Air is a hill located in the west of LA. It is a private hill with houses of billionaires. You can reach it only by car if you want to visit but you are not allowed to stop and walk around.
LA is a huge city. LA is not always easy to find your way between the different parts of LA and the surrounding areas and district that may or may not be part of the city. For many French people, LA district map is just Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hollywood or Beverly Hills and it is a shame. When you travel, these areas are the main ones you visit, only LA is not only made up of them.