Chinatown LA map

Chinatown Los Angeles map. Chinatown LA map (California - USA) to print. Chinatown LA map (California - USA) to download. Chinatown LA is one of LA most popular tourist destinations, located in downtown LA map close to the city civic and civic center. Travelers may be confused by the new mural "New Chinatown" that marks the neighborhood Central Plaza, but there is a story behind it. The first Chinatown neighborhood in LA was where Union Square is now located. In the early 1930s, the old enclave was destroyed to build LA largest rail terminal, and in June 1938 a New Chinatown celebrated its grand opening just steps away from the original neighborhood.

Chinatown Los Angeles map

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In chinatown LA, a mix of old and new restaurants cater to every palate. You can find Dim Sum at Ocean Seafood, a great selection of soups at Pho Broadway and banh mi savoury at Golden Lake Eatery. Chinatown LA cuisine goes beyond pan-Asian dining. People line up for fried chicken at Howlin' Rays. Stop by Burgerlords, the grill is lit for meat lovers and vegans, while Little Jewel of New Orleans serves po' boys in a market full of Southern snacks and drinks that are hard to find in LA map.
The chinatown LA is neither the big Chinese city of San Francisco nor the vibrant district of New York map, but it has a singular charm and will be the subject of a very pleasant walk, punctuated by nice gastronomic stops (excellent Chinese restaurants, rather cheap). The origin of the chinatown LA of California dates back to the construction of the American railway in the 1860s. Thousands of Chinese workers were hired as labourers and gathered in communities in the centre of the big cities. In LA, the first Chinatown was established in 1880 on Alameda and Macy Streets. Between the 1910s and the destruction of this first neighborhood, Chinatown became a place of perdition where opium dens, gambling houses and mafia were established.