Hollywood map

Hollywood LA map. Hollywood map (California - USA) to print. Hollywood map (California - USA) to download. Since the mid-1910s, the name Hollywood has been almost synonymous with "American cinema". Not so much the hollywood cinema of the (European-style) "authors" as that of the "dream factory", which provides the world with its most spectacular, popular and profitable entertainment. Invested from the time of the silent era by artists from all over the world and stars whose lavish and sometimes scandalous life defrays the gossip press, the "Mecca of cinema" (Cendrars) is run as an oligopoly by its "moguls", mostly Jewish immigrants from Central Europe. The studio system they gradually established after World War I in hollywood map was in full swing in the 1930s and 1940s, when eight large companies (the "majors") shared the production, distribution and exhibition of some 500 films a year.
Hollywood is a district of Los Angeles located northwest of the city centre. It borders the nearby cities of West Hollywood map, Beverly Hills and Burbank. It has an estimated population of about 300,000 people, and on the sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard (between Gower Street and La Brea Avenue) and Vine Street (between Yucca Street and Sunset Boulevard) is the Walk of Fame with its pink stars on which the names of stars (from film, music, theater, TV or radio) have been written in bronze letters since 1958.
Hollywood, the home of movie studios, many of LA most popular and historic tourist destinations, and its world-famous namesake boulevard. Whether you are visiting Hollywood for the first time or a lifelong Angeleno, this guide from the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board will help you get the most out of your experience. From navigating the neighborhood to hotels, restaurants, events and much more, read on for the Beginners Guide to Hollywood map.
In the map of Los Angeles, even the letters are stars. The Hollywood sign, for example, attracts thousands of tourists every year and serves as a backdrop for millions of postcards and dozens of films and TV series. The 9 star letters of Hollywood perched on Mount Lee have embodied the City of Cinema for more than 90 years. The Hollywood sign is a registered trademark and is listed as a Historic Monument. The world largest billboard was also the subject of a book in 2012.