LA arboretum map

Map of LA arboretum. LA arboretum map (California - USA) to print. LA arboretum map (California - USA) to download. The arboretum and Botanic Garden in LA map is a unique 127-acre botanical garden and historical site located in what was the heart of the historic Rancho Santa Anita in the city of Arcadia in LA. Three thousand years ago, the homesite of the earliest inhabitants of today LA arboretum & Botanic Garden was known as Aleupkigna, “the place of many waters.”
The site of arboretum in LA map was formerly part of an agricultural outpost of the Mission San Gabriel called Rancho Santa Anita. Elias Jackson ("Lucky") Baldwin bought Rancho Santa Anita in 1875. The LA arboretum was founded in 1947 when the State of California and the County of LA jointly purchased 111 acres. The Queen Anne Cottage was designed by the father of Baldwins fourth wife, architect Albert A. Bennett.