Angels parking map

Map of angels parking. Angels parking map (California - USA) to print. Angels parking map (California - USA) to download. General Parking in angels parking map, starts at just $10 for regular season baseball games. Prices in angels parking may change for post-season baseball games, concerts, and other special events at the stadium. Preferred Parking in angels parking, visitors to Angel Stadium can purchase a preferred parking space for $20.

Map of angels parking

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The city provides 12,500 parking spaces on site for baseball and the angels parking operate the stadium and retain all monies until agreed income thresholds are met. In 1964 angels parking broke ground for angels parking Stadium map (then called Anaheim Stadium), a $24-million ballpark built on 140 acres. The team changed its name to the California Angels in 1965, and the stadium opened its gates for the 1966 season, drawing a first-game crowd of 31,660.