Map of lax area

Map of area around lax. Map of lax area (California - USA) to print. Map of lax area (California - USA) to download. The lax area is located in southwestern Los Angeles map, 12 miles (30 km) from Downtown Los Angeles. Lax area features for its extension, 3,500 acres (1,416 ha), and for its four parallel runways, being the largest international airport in the west coast. Given the total number of lax passengers handled in 2017, lax is the fifth busiest airport and the second busiest airport in the US.

Map of area around lax

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The lax area is located in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles map. The distance between Los Angeles Airport (lax area) and Los Angeles City Center is 12 miles. The road distance of lax is 18.3 miles. With the commercial and residential areas of Westchester to the north, the city of El Segundo to the south and the city of Inglewood to the east.
Passengers wishing to use the shuttle bus service of lax should wait under the lax Shuttle & Airline Connections sign on the Lower/Arrivals Level islands in front of each terminal and board the Lot South / LAX City Bus Center shuttle in the lax area map. Bus service does not operate from 2 A.M.-4 A.M. daily.